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MiCaSa Girl Scouts

of the Girl​ Scouts of California's Central Coast

Fall Product Sales 2022 


in 2022!

The Fall Product Program is a friends-and-family sale that helps troops earn start-up money and provides an important ingredient for early leadership skills. Participation in the Fall Product Program is also a great set-up for the largest girl-led business in the world - The Girl Scout Cookie Sale!

The fall product program gives troops and individually registered members the chance to earn startup funds for the new Girl Scout membership year by reaching out to friends and family, asking for their support through the purchase of nuts, chocolates, and magazines. All proceeds stay in California’s Central Coast counties to benefit local Girl Scouts.

Troops and Juliettes earn funds for their activities and community projects, while the council’s proceeds support events, programs, volunteer training, camps and facilities, plus the financial assistance that keeps Girl Scouting available and affordable for all.

Through this program activity, girls develop five key skills they will use throughout their lives:

* Goal setting

* Decision making

* Money management

* People skills

* Business Ethics

Product Sales Ethics

Please remember, taking pre-sale orders is against the Girl Scout Law on Being Honest and Fair. You may promote on your personal media pages that Nut & Magazine Sales is starting on but no ordering or collection of payment should be done prior to that date. Promoting on online sales groups or neighborhood pages/groups, Craigslist, eBay, or any other media platform aimed towards the general public is NOT allowed at any time during product sales, as that is against Girl Scout policy. Booths can be scheduled with private businesses after products are delivered, but permission must be obtained in advance. Please keep it fair for all the girls, they look to us as their example.